Security remains an incentive and a crucial element in attracting local and foreign investors.

Unfortunately, owing to the recent phenomenon of kidnapping which began in the Niger-Delta and subsequently spread to other parts of the country, the South East is presently enmeshed in the worst security crisis in her entire history. It is a crisis whose destructive effects rival the civil-war. The long and short term implications of terrorist activities such as kidnapping and other vices which have led to substantial capital flight from an already marginalized region cannot be quantified. It is therefore a predicament that requires an absolute draconian response, with utmost determination in order to put an end to it. The South East must declare total war on kidnapping and other vices, which can be won by a combination of strategies as listed below.

Intelligence gathering

In the absence of a state police, a robust and highly effective vigilante force in the mould of the erstwhile “Bakassi group” should be created.

Anti-kidnap squad

Creation of a special anti-kidnap squad.

Mobile phone tracking

Mobile phones can easily be tracked giving security forces an extra tool in the fight against kidnappers.

Ransom collection

Sting operations a the point of collection of ransom.

Banning ransoms

Payment of ransoms should be blanket banned.

Special courts

Creation of special courts and the application of capital punishment.

Property seizure

Seizure of properties used for kidnapping.


Criminalization of kidnapping accomplices.


A campaign of indoctrination and public enlightenment.

Gun control

An amnesty and strict regime of gun control.

Confidential phone number

Establishment of a free police confidential phone line.

Bank policing

New methods of policing banks.


Compulsory biometric identity cards.