Due to almost four decades of post-war infrastructural and political marginalisation critical infrastructure hardly exists in the South East. It has therefore become urgent for the region to develop alternative means of fundraising for constructing and upgrading infrastructure. High profile infrastructures to be constructed and or upgraded are listed below.

  • A South East road link or superhighway of at least 6 lanes linking all major towns and cities in the South East through a circular ring could be constructed through direct funding or constructed under the public private partnership project with tollgates as part of the modernisation of south East roads and infrastructure.

  • Two ultra-modern international airports comprising of substantial cargo terminals in Owerri and Passenger terminals in Enugu with adjoining five star airport hotels.

  • Construction of a 2nd and 3rd bridge across the Niger with tollgates.

  • Obuaku City Project. A city conceptualized to harness the potential of a seaport at Azumini and encourage international trading between the Igbo and the outside world. The seaport could be constructed cost-effectively through “Public Private Partnership”(PPP) projects, while the city could be built under the “build, sell and recycle” scheme.

  • All city and allied projects, such as the designated “Obuaku City project”, regional capital, and satellite towns could come under the “build, sell and recycle” scheme.
  • The Igbo projects should embrace the construction of commercial ports, such as Onitsha Inland Port, Oguta Inland Port and Resort Centre, Azumini Seaport (Obuaku City).
  • Regional Rail links in the short and long-term linking other regions to be constructed in partnership with the private sector.
  • Fundraising: Diaspora Solidarity Fund, Igbo Tithe and Investment Capital.
  • Construction and upgrade of infrastructure will require the sourcing of substantial amount of funds which can be utilised to actualise such projects. One of the potential methods of fundraising identified has the added advantage of serving as an important tool of wealth creation and redistribution amongst the southeast population. The methods and options of fundraising are listed below.
  • South East Investment Corporation: As the name suggests, this scheme involves the creation of an investment corporation where funds will be raised by asking interested parties to buy shares or bonds. The funds raised will then be used to construct highways with toll gates, build housing complexes in the mini city (satellite town) projects under the build, sell and recycle scheme to be sold at a profit, build international airports and hotels with the accruing taxes and resources, build commercial ports with the accruing taxes. All the projects listed are profit making, and share holders or bond holders in the investment corporations are assessed and paid their annual dividends from profits made from highway toll gates, mini city build and sell schemes, airport and hotel resources, port taxes, etc. Shareholders can also sell their shares whenever they so choose. This scheme has the added advantage of wealth creation and redistribution amongst the South East populace.