An Igbo Diaspora Solidarity Fund.

The large numbers of Igbo in the Diaspora could be well harnessed to play a significant role in the development agenda by setting up a Diaspora solidarity or development fund. However this scheme can only succeed where the leaders have been identified as being genuinely committed to the Igbo project and where a transparent management is set-up to manage the funds. Under this scheme, specific projects to be funded should be well conceptualised and advertised. Merchant accounts and bank accounts should be opened in nations around the world where the Igbo could make periodic donations to aid the funding of specific projects under a transparent management. The Merchant accounts would aid donations by credit or laser cards online, while those who are not disposed to the online service could make their donations in designated bank accounts. Bank drafts and other monetary instruments could also be sent to designated addresses. Given the large numbers of Igbo in the Diaspora, this scheme has the potential of generating upwards of $2billion on an annual basis and could be organised along State lines or on a regional basis.