Employment Generation

Various practical strategies for creation of employment can be employed as listed below.

  • Small scale enterprises remain the core area of employment generation. The creation therefore of dedicated industrial parks within which small scale enterprises will be clustered and its attendant multiplier effects will potentially create millions of jobs.
  • The construction industry is a major area of growth and generation of employment. Any major drive in construction of housing, roads and other general infrastructure will generate jobs.
  • The concept of direct labour employed during America’s great depression, could be used in the South East to mobilize and intermittently employ jobless youths at a much cheaper rate to dig drainages, pave streets, plant trees, flowers, general construction, etc.
  • There is currently a severe shortage of artisans. Vocational training centres or workshops which could fill the void should be set-up in the three senatorial zones of every State in the South East region. These skills acquisition initiative will enable jobless youths train in areas such as tiling, tailoring, hairdressing, welding and mechanical works, plumbing, carpentry and wood works, bricklaying, bus-truck driving, etc. On completion of their training, successful trainees should receive sizable grants to help them set-up their businesses. This scheme is a well acknowledged model for creating employment around the world.
  • Many job seekers are not aware of the availability of jobs because of an absence of any central point to communicate such vacancies. Job centres should therefore be set up in the immediate short term in the state capital of every state in the South East on a pilot basis, eventually spreading to other major designated towns in each state. Employers in every state should be mandated to notify the job centres of any vacancies. This contact point by potential employers and employees will facilitate access to jobs by jobseekers. The job centres will also provide some technical aid to jobseekers such as preparation of curriculum vitae’s, assessment and placement of potential candidates for vocational training programs.


Night economies and tourism generate a substantial amount of employment and income.

South East Lottery

Lottery for wealth creation.


Critical infrastructure hardly exists in the South East. It has therefore become urgent for the region to develop alternative means of fundraising for constructing and upgrading infrastructure. High profile infrastructures to be constructed and or upgraded are listed below.


  • A South East road link or superhighway of at least 6 lanes linking all major towns and cities in the South East through a circular ring could be constructed through direct funding or constructed under the public private partnership project with tollgates as part of the modernisation of south East roads and infrastructure.
  • Two ultra-modern international airports


An Igbo Diaspora Solidarity Fund.

Igbo Tithe

A Tithe is a concept from the Bible which mandates all to donate a percentage of their earnings to the advancement of the doctrine.


Adaptation of Science and Technology.