Project Development (ATT)

Introducing The African Trade Towers (ATT)


Every great deed begins in the minds of men. Rooted in the firm belief that nothing is impossible, we introduce the African Trade towers; a visionary project conceptualised as a tribute to the   entrepreneurial spirit of Igbo people (the South Eastern Nigerians and Anioma people). The Tower is envisaged to be the tallest building in Africa. An ultra modern plaza that hosts apartments, office blocks, hotels, conference centres, business centres, duty free shopping malls, restaurants, dance halls and other commercial units. The tower will have an attached state of the art auditorium on the ground floor that will serve as an international conference centre and a venue for awards, competitions, music concerts and other top scale social organisations.

Organisations such as Nollywood, the music industry, the academia, top government functionaries, international   organisations amongst others can hold their conferences, awards, competitions, festivals and other such events in the designated auditorium.

The expansive grounds of the plaza will have green parks/ luscious gardens, a manmade lake and possibly a commercial Zoo. A little Helipad or holding terminal for helicopters for special tenants, visitors or dignitaries will also be available. Entrance and exit into and from the complex will be highly controlled through an integrated security system manned by a 24hour security personnel complemented by a comprehensive CCTV digital system.  Envisioned to be constructed through public private partnership and located in any of the major South Eastern or Anioma cities.

Because of the interest it is sure to generate, the African trade Tower will also double as a tourist attraction that attracts payment for access to a guided tour of the non sensitive grounds of the complex. Visits to the Zoo will attract an additional special fee.

Due to intensive commercialisation of the project, it is envisaged that cost of construction will be recovered within a short time of the completion of the project.

The African trade tower will be a worthy monument to the industrious and hardworking Easterner who has over several generations blazed an uncommon trail in industry and enterprise across Nigeria and beyond.