A foreword written by Senator Mark Dearey.

To begin, I want to thank my good friend and colleague George C.E. Enyoazu for introducing me to the cause of the Igbo people with all the associated politics and history. I have participated in discussions on the Igbo plight and experienced the overwhelming desire of Igbo people living here in Ireland for a secure and sustainable future for their nation. The on-going effort to develop Igboland is testimony to that deep belief in every Igbo man or woman that the Igbo have the capability to contribute positively in no little measure to global peace and harmony.

The commitment of those Igbo I have come to know, to advancement, despite the terrible sufferings endured during the Biafran-Nigerian War, has been so impressive and inspiring. I experienced that commitment to peaceful transformation in many ways through my interaction with some of the Igbo Diaspora in Ireland, wishing to bear witness to their vision for a progressive homeland grounded on an industrial-economy as a hallmark for foreign direct investment.

This booklet explores and explains the roots of Igbo identity and in daring brushstrokes outlines how the future might be when vision is translated into reality.

It is my honour, as an Irish public representative from a party with its roots in the peace movement, to have contributed with these few words to what is a seminal statement of hope and intent by Igbo men and women abroad.

Cllr. Mark Dearey
Green Party
Louth County Council
Dundalk Town Council

September 2009.