About ICE

The Igbo Council of Europe (ICE) was founded in late 2006 to inculcate vision and strategize ways of restoring the Igbo pride, can-do spirit, culture and value system, industry, homeland investment and regional development. ICE’s motto of: fraternity, equality, progress, also inspires it to work in the areas of good governance, rural development and people empowerment. The organisation makes its case by re-orientating the public through publications and articulating its views and visions to policy makers and governments.  It’s our sincere hope visitors to this site would take time to read among other things “The African Tiger”, which is a development blueprint conceptualized by the Igbo Council of Europe (ICE) aimed at the development of Igboland.  Please feel free to interact with us via email or by leaving a comment. We welcome suggestions and would be grateful for your interest in the work we do.  Find us on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you!

ICE is a collection of like-minded individuals working towards a common goal. There are many involved and below you will find details of some of the people involved.

Mission Statement

What Igbo Council of Europe is all about.

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